In 2002, the Counting Past 2 TS/IS/TG Festival, was produced by Cat Grant and Boyd Kodak. It was a great time for all and funded for the first time by the Ontario and Toronto Arts Councils, and NOW Magazine. It screened at the renowned Bloor Street Cinema, with different themed programs for 7 days.

The festival has not taken place since 2002, due to a horrific event that happened to us. In 2003, our home and studio had to be evacuated as a result of toxic mould found behind the walls that could not be seen. It released an odourless gas vapour that contaminated the house, poisoned us and has left us very ill. We, with pathologist Dr. William Croft, put together a graphic comic with hand drawn and real photos. It can be downloaded for free at http://www.atoxictale.com. It contains information everyone should know about.

We, Cat Grant & Boyd Kodak (aka Jan Waterman), have spent many years doing volunteer work for many organizations.

  • Prior to transitioning, Jan won a precedent setting human rights case regarding sexual orientation and discrimination in the workplace, making it illegal for anyone to lose their job due to their sexual orientation.
  • In 1997 we both joined 10% QTV and produced 45 broadcast segments about the GBLT communities.
  • We also produced 9 shorts for the Festival circuit, worked with the Inside Out Festival in Toronto and curated programs for Festivals throughout North America.
  • Our work on Shadmith Manzo screened at The Rights on Reel Human Rights Festival at The Art Gallery of Ontarioís, Jackman Hall. It was invited into the 1999 video activist archives and toured with the Canadian Human Rights Festival.
  • We also helped with the Counting Past 2 TS/IS/TG Festival from inception and in 2002 produced the Festival, making it the largest of itís kind worldwide.
  • With our production company Gypsy Studios, we also helped many artistsí to promote, produce their work and get it screened.
  • We were the first trans person and soffa to work with any gay & lesbian festival, opening the door for many others to follow, be involved and have a voice in the selection of screenings for and about our community.
  • We attended numerous meetings with the festivals staff and volunteers to talk about the trans community and promote awareness and inclusion.
  • We appeared on panels and gave workshops on trans subject matter and activism and have archived the communities achievements and events for many years.
  • Unfortunately we have been so ill, we have not produced any shorts, broadcast segments, been able to do any Festival curating or take part in volunteer work since then, and the Counting Past 2 Festival has not taken place since 2002.

    We are in a legal battle with the company responsible for causing the mould problem. Both of us became disabled in the early Ď90ís. Boyd was born with a liver and blood clotting disease and Cat had spinal injury. We teamed up in 1997 and together, contributed as much as we could. The defense is saying that because we had prior disabilities, we had no real value to society, and the lack of our presence represents no loss to anyone or anything. We say that though we had prior disabilities, we were doing well and contributing significantly from 1997 to 2002. Since, we havenít even been able to go and see our friends, and we miss our community.

    We ask what about all of our volunteer efforts with numerous charitable organizations and contributions to the art world? Our work was well liked and played at festivals worldwide. We were described as a colourful pair, and that our work was evoking both tears and laughter. What about our potential?

    Our lawyer told us to put together a portfolio with all of the guides and media clippings, but everything like that is in the toxic house and is contaminated and cannot be removed. He said to get together what we can to present to them about the importance or affect of anything we did, so we are going to try.

    If you miss the Counting Past 2 Festival and /or if we have encouraged, affected or assisted you in anyway, be it through the work we have done or have helped you to do, please, please help us.

    Also, if you have been to our home and studio and can comment on the lovely condition it was in, this would be so appreciated.

    Please take a moment and write a note of support to tstgismovies @ 3web.com as soon as you possibly can. Contact info will be kept confidential.

    We miss our community and we miss our lives.

    Thank you so very much. xo Cat & Boyd