how long has it been

video, 7min. 2001. With Master Lorence Hyler and boy Lyn Hickman.

screenned as a looped installation, or as single channel video.

A daddy/ boy scene between two female to male transmen, each in different states of physical maturity, physical ability, and masculine embodiment. Their daddy/boy relationship and bond is a palpable trust with an unbreakable strength. how long has it been asks a question about how time unfolds for a submissive, and how different bodies experience time differently. The submissive experiences time, not on a 24 hour clock, but on a clock that revolves around his master. That coupled with whatever endorphine experience would also change the metre of a persons experience of time.

Part of the pleasure to the image of gender variant bodies occurs when the viewer seeks to place it within a frame of reference, and it keeps shifting out. The desire to get somewhere else, inside of the event/scene is achieved through various strategies of abstraction: by the use of different lenses and parallax, varying diptychs, and anachronous sound. In this way the subjectivity is manipulated, and is bounced around from the viewer to the bottom and ultimately the director.